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  • This story might just be our favourite use of the flying technology.
    05th September 2017
  • What about the pipeline problem?
    24th August 2017
  • Companies like Uber and Lyft are changing the game...
    24th August 2017
  • Blockchain technology allows computers in different locations to access the same information in real time.
    17th August 2017
  • How is technology influencing logistics, and ultimately, our lives?
    09th August 2017
  • Why is it important to be a thought leader, and just what is one?
    09th August 2017
  • Last week, Apple quietly pulled the iPod from its physical and online stores.
    04th August 2017
  • In recent years, consumer demand for delivered goods has increased dramatically. Therefore, key players within the warehousing and logistics industry have had to find innovative ways to increase their efficiency in order to supply consumer’s demands.
    28th July 2017
  • Leadership is essentially about creating change; this is fundamental in logistics with trends such as e-commerce, supply chain innovation and automation shaping the industry.
    10th July 2017
  • It has been predicted that there is a 50% chance that artificial intelligence will outperform humans in all tasks in a mere 45 years, and that AI will be able to take over all jobs in the next century.
    20th June 2017
  • With Amazon putting so much time and energy into a robotic future, it is easy to assume that robots are destined to take over warehouse management.
    30th May 2017
  • An exceptional warehouse has an excellent warehouse management system
    08th May 2014
  • Warehouse Management Voice Stock Control Systems
    21st March 2014
  • In need of Warehouse Management Systems
    14th November 2013
  • Warehouse Voice Recognition Software
    17th October 2013
  • Voice Recognition and Logistics Software
    07th October 2013
  • The advantages of adopting Minster software solutions together with achieved results have been captured for the first time in a new video.
    27th March 2013
  • Minster Logistics Software are to appear at the essential intralogistics event of the year - IMHX.
    06th February 2013
  • Minster has recently produced a video to present a comprehensive overview of its software solutions.
    10th December 2012
  • Minster software has recently been adopted by Bradshaw International as its warehouse and logistics software solution.
    22nd October 2012
  • Bidvest Logistics deliver first class service to the food sector including Burger King, Nando’s, KFC and Pizza Hut. Its operation is managed with Minster's logistics software.
    12th June 2012
  • Warehouse, the official publication of the UK Warehouse Association (UKWA) features Minster's success with new client Sweet Squared.
    08th June 2012
  • Beauty industry pioneer, Sweet Squared has appointed Minster Logistics Software as delivery partner for its world-renowned nail products.
    11th May 2012
  • Semichem is part of the SCOTMID Group and one of the leading UK discount retailers supplying health and beauty products to140 high street stores throughout Scotland and Northern Ireland.
    19th April 2012
  • Minster has launched a software solution to manage pallet storage that answers the needs of customers.
    09th March 2012
  • Minster Logistics Software has been appointed UK Value Added Reseller for Ecomond Route optimisation software.
    16th February 2012
  • Minster will be exhibiting at Logistics Link South 2012 on 21-22 February at Sandown Park.
    13th January 2012
  • With logistics companies making the transition to automated systems in order to be able to use advanced analytics to remain on top of their customers and their needs, hackers are beginning to take note of the opportunities to cause disruption.
    21st November 2011
  • How is this smart technology going to affect the manufacturing sector?
    21st November 2011
  • Minster has recently increased and improved the sales support we offer our customers by appointing Tina Johnstone.
    15th November 2011
  • Minster Logistics Software has enjoyed lengthy success and led the way in logistics software, but times they are a changing – and they are changing fast.
    04th October 2011
  • Providing excellent customer service is of paramount importance to Minster and essential in today’s highly competitive marketplace.
    24th August 2011
  • Minster Computer Software, has recently been acquired by Phoebus van Deventer. The Tamworth-based company, which trades as Minster Logistics, delivers bespoke software solutions to distribution, supply chain and logistics businesses nationwide.
    21st July 2011


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  • This story might just be our favourite use of the flying technology.
    05th September 2017
  • What about the pipeline problem?
    24th August 2017
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