"Minster offers a one stop shop product, which it
enhanced to meet our business requirements."

Hertfordshire County Supplies


Customer service is the key means of differentiation between companies in today’s highly competitive market place.  It can be defined as the ability to offer goods at competitive prices, take orders quickly and accurately, deliver complete orders on time, and provide efficient back up in case of customer query.

The Minster system offers resources for improving customer service in all key activities, including marketing, telesales, call scheduling, order picking, provisioning, goods receiving, warehousing, transport and accounts.


Internet Order Entry

The Minster system contains interfaces that enable customers to place orders via the Internet.  If necessary, different product ranges and prices can be offered to different customer groups.



Telesales calls can be scheduled at times convenient to each customer.  Their purchase history can be used to prompt a list of products on the order entry screen, allowing the operator to suggest order quantities and demonstrate the customer’s ordering habits.  It can also be used to perform sensibility checking of order quantities. In addition, the customer’s  own product codes and descriptions can be used.  Promotion on specific products, such as special offers, substitutions, supersessions and phase-outs, can also be brought to the customer’s attention.



The Minster system fully supports e-commerce services including:

  • EDI
  • Direct deliveries
  • Proof of delivery
  • Contingency orders
  • Order acknowledgements
  • Advance shipping notices


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