"Without Minster we would not be able
to do what we do."
Marks & Spencer

Our heritage

Minster Logistics Software was established in 1978 and provides expertise in distribution and logistics. We are market leaders in the supply of contract food service distribution systems with experience working with high calibre customers such as:

We successfully deliver innovative solutions to logistics, distribution and supply chain organisations. Our sophisticated, user-friendly applications are designed for high volume, mission critical situations. We have a proven track record in delivering robust and reliable solutions.

Working in partnership with our customers we ensure they generate maximum benefit from the system, by delivering tailored enhancements to meet any new requirements that they may have.

Where necessary we also integrate with recognised 3rd party solutions, such as Psion, Talkman, Optrak, Paragon and VoiteQ. 

To find out more about our services and how we can help your business be more profitable and productive, contact the team here.


The Management Team 

Minster Logistics Software is lead by a management team of champion leaders who guide the continual improvement of our products and customer service. Find out more about the members of our management team below.


Phoebus van Deventer
Managing Director
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Neil Livingstone
Head of Development
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Brendan Murphy
Delivery Manager
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Maria Smith
Office Manager
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